Turner F., Hutton L., Abby B., Taylor M., Shunderrick S.
4th and 7th

Background Information:
Aeolus was known as the god of the winds who lived on the floating island of Aeolia. His father is Hippotas and his mother was Melanippe, his wife is Cyane or Amphithea.
Aeolus had two brothers and there names are Dorus and Xuthus. He has six sons and six daughters there names are Polymela, Astyokhos, Diores, Agathmus, Jocastus, Androcles, Lapithus, Xuthus, Arne and Pheraemon.


During Odysseus's journey, he brought his ships to Aeolus's island. Aeolus was somehow impressed with Odysseus, so he decided to help him. Aeolus then captured all of the winds. All, except for the West wind. He put the winds into a bag. Aeolus told Odysseus that if he did not open the bag, then he would be able to get back to his home. On the way home, Odysseus fell asleep. Right before they reached Ithica, while he was asleep, and right as they spotted land, his curious crew opened the bag which released all of the wind out and sent them far far away into the sea.


Special Talents:

Keeper of the wind Name meaning Earth destroyer Controls the storm Ruler of the islands of Aeolia

Weaknesses: Aeolus got angry easily

Poem: The king of the wind, a.k.a Aeolus was one that kept a very stormy "Anemoi Thuellai" and "Alleai" locked away inside a shallow heart of a island a float "Aiolia." He released work only at the command of the Gods as devastating storms. The winds were so often conceived in the shape of horse spirits. That gave him the title "Hippotades" a.k.a reiner of the horses." Greek for Hippos "horse."