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Ares' Background

Ares was known as the Greek god of war. His birth place and true home was placed far off among the barbarous and warlike Thracians. He was the only the child of Zeus and Hera, he had an half sister named Athena. He had a true secret love Aphrodite, that everyone knew about her being married to he Hephaestus. Ares was murderous, blood thirsty, and always looking for trouble,no matter of what the consequences would be. Ares was one of the goddess with many different children with other goddess, and other women.

Special Talents of Ares

Ares could decide the outcome of a battle. He was referred as the Olympian God of war. He was able to decide the outcome of a battle. Ares was an expert in different combat and fighting styles, with or without weapons. Although, the full extend of his power is unknown. He also was able to teleport, he had super strength, healing, control over several forms of pyrokinesis,which was the ability to control and ignite and extinguish fire, and the ability to materialize various weapons. These powers made Ares incredibly invincible.

Ares' Weaknesses

Ares didn't have many weaknesses, except his love for

Aphrodite, his blood thirsty ways, and always having the urge to fight, regardless of the consequences.

Ares Myths

Ares the god of war and Aphrodite the Olympian goddess of pleasure, joy, love, beauty, and procreation. Aphrodite is in love with not only Ares but Hephaestus. Although, Hephaestus wins her over, leading to marriage. Aphrodite does not stay truthful to Hephaestus when having an affair with Ares. Hephaestus wasn't very happy, as he felt betrayed. Aphrodite's bad choice led to her and Hephaestus to get a divorce. Aphrodite's bad choice not only led her to divorce but an unplanned pregnancy. Ares and Aphrodite had three offspring, Harmonia, Deimos, and Phobos. Out of anger toward Aphrodite and Ares, Hephaestus took revenge on their daughter, Harmonia. He did so by giving her a cursed necklace as a wedding gift.

Multimedia Presentation


On the battle field
Either war or love
He's the first to steal the girl
Or defeat the opponent and rise above

Aphrodites, his girl
Not only his but one more
He cheated the world
With that ones heart is torn

Harmonie is cursed
Nothing much could be worse


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