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Background Information

Artemis is the child of Zeus and Leto, which was the Titan's daughter. Artemis was the twin of Apollo although she was born before him. Artemis also had plenty of half siblings named: Athena, Hera, Hermes, Ares, Hephaestus, Persephone, Dionysus, Hercules, Perseus and Helena. She was never married and she was a virgin goddess with no children. Artemis was from a little Island of Delos where her and her brother was born under a tree. Artemis was living on Mount Olympus before she died. Artemis did not have any children although, she did watch and protect over women that were pregnant. She killed all mortals instantly, look any age she wanted, had strength, speed, the ability to shoot a bow with perfect aim, ability to turn people and herself into animals, heal, protect girls, protect animals, athletic abilities and spread diseases. Artemis has her own league of hunters. Artemis mother was the daughter of the Titan's and her father was the king of the gods. Also, Artemis killed Maera, who was once a follower of Artemis because her dad made her punish him with death because Maera betrayed him and his family. Artemis was a virgin because she swore to her father that she would be a virgin for the rest of her life to please him.

Special Talents

Artemis is the goddess of the hurt, childbirth, wildlife, and the moon. She also is associated with archery and virginity. She has her own league of hunters.
Her powers and special abilities are:
  • the ability to shoot a bow with perfect aim.
  • cleverness
  • strength
  • speed
  • ability to turn people and herself into animals
  • heal
  • kill mortals instantly
  • guard women during childbirth
  • look any age she wants to
  • spread diseases (like her twin brother Apollo)
  • protect girls
  • protect animals
  • athletic abilities


  • dislike men
  • she sometimes ordered for the men to be torn apart if they see her bathing
  • Opposes the in situation of marriage
  • the subsequent loss of freedom it entails for women.


Multimedia Presentation:


A: Ageless but
R: Responsible and
T: Talented but sometimes
E: Evil. Her mother's
M: Midwife who's
I: Intelligent and
S: Strong and has lots of speed.
Known as a huntress
perfect straight aim
Goddess Artemis.


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