Brittany E., Summer F., Minecia B., Shelly S.

1st and 4th


Athena Gilded
Athena Gilded


Athena is from Mount Olympus and she live their as well, she is the daughter of Zeus and Metis, when Athena mother was pregant with her, Athena father heard roomers saying that offspring of Metis and Zeus would be better then him eating Metis his wife, Metis gave birth to Athena in Zeus body. Athena mother put spells on Zeus so that he could have a Hephaestus cut in his head, and then out popped Athena from her father forehead with weapons that her mother gave her. Athena did not have any siblings but she had half siblings and they are Apollo, Ares, Dionyusus, Hephaestus, Hercules, Hermes, Venus, Artemis, Eileithyia, Eris, Hebe, and Persephone, Demeter. Athena was unmarried and widely and known for being a virgin, so many people didn't won't her.

Medusa and Athena

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Medusa. She always use to tell people how pretty she was and when she wasn't doing that she was looking at herself in the mirror. People considered Medusa the most lovely in all the city. Unfortunately, Medusa was very stuck up and always thought of herself. Everyday she would tell people how pretty she was and everyday her boasts became more and more outrageous. Every morning she would look at herself in the mirror for over an hour and brush her hair. One day Medusa and her friends went to visit the Parthenon (the temple for the goddess Athena). It was a large place with the most beautiful paintings and sculptures. Medusa saw the painting and thought that they were god, but could had been better with her in the painting instead of Athena. Then she went around and told everyone that she was prettier then Athena. Athena hear her and got angry with Medusa for saying she was prettier then her. The word got around that Medusa was saying that she was prettier the Athena, so everyone started to leave, but Medusa stayed in. Athena appeared to Medusa and said you "vain and foolish girl, do you think you are prettier then me." Athena was so angry with Medusa, she showed her what it would be like to live without her beauty. She made her face look ugly and her punishment was she could turn men into stone with one look at her face. Medusa was left to live in a cave for the rest of her life.


Stre ngths

  • rational

  • intelligent

  • powerful defender in war but also a peace maker

  • can help people get over their differences


  • reason rules her

  • she is usually not emotional or compassionate

  • too ruled by her head and out of touch with her emotions and femine side
  • unapproachable