Created By: Kara Smith, Jamario M., Zoe Johnson Whitney Williams, Taylre Watson
2nd and 7th


He was the son of Uranus and Gaia. He was the first-generation Titan (him, brothers, and sisters). He was also brother to the Cyclopes and Hecatoncheries. He was the youngest. He married his sister, Rhea. He became King when he helped his mother and castrated his father and let his Cyclopes and Hectoncheries brother and sisters free. Soon after that, he became King and took his father’s place, and locked the Cyclopes and Hectoncheries back in the Underworld. Cronus consumed his children, all except for Zeus. Rhea gave Cronus a rock in swaddling cloth to be consumed instead of Zeus then ran to Crete to give birth to him, where he was raised safely. Soon after that Cronus puked up all the children he had consumed and they joined all the other god and goddesses that haven’t been consumed. Then the Titans started a war and this became the Titanomachy, the war lasted a very long time until Zeus freed his Cyclopes and Hectoncheries uncles. Then, the Titans were shackled and imprisoned. They honor Cronus at a harvest festival.
  • Parents: Uranus && Gaia.
  • He Was: Titan
  • Wife: His sister, Rhea
  • Kids: He consumed all but Zeus
  • Occupation: God of Light and Heaven
  • How He Got to Be King: He castrated his father like his mother asked.
  • How He Lost His King Spot: He was in a war with his son, Zeus, and Zeus won and put him and the rest of the Titans in prison and freed his uncles which were Cyclopes and Hecatoncheries.
  • Honored: At a festival of harvest!


The only way to escape from Cronus' sight was to be dangling from something or between his sight.



  • He was scared of being overthrown by his children so he ate all of his children as soon as they came out except for the last!
  • He was immortal so when the army came and killed him the chopped him up but he was still alive.


Special talents:

  • Controlled time.
  • He was responsible for the sun rising.
  • He made sure time moved forward!