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Background Information-

Dionysus is the son of Zeus and Semele. He is known to be twice born. After being tricked by Hera, Semele asked Zeus to show himself in real form. Semele died of thunderbolts while carrying the baby. Zeus saved Dionysus from the ashes and sewed him into his thigh. He was born on Mt. Pramnos. He was raised as a girl (to hide from Hera) by King Athamas and Ino. During adulthood he was driven crazy by Hera, but eventually he was cured by Rhea. He had followers called the Maenads. Dionysus was described as dark-haired, bearded young man. He was married to Ariadne. He had seven divine offsprings : Hymenias, Iakkhos, The Kharites, Methe, Pasithea, Priapos, Sabazios, Telete, and Thysa. Also, he had eleven mortal kids: Deianeira, Eurymedon, Keramos, Maron, Narkaios, Oinopion, Peparethos, Phanos, Phliasos, Staphylos, and Thios. He later went to the underworld to get his mother Semele, and returned to Mt. Olympus to live with the gods.

Special Talents-

He could control growth of vines and makes potions that can make a person turn into a maddened state and lose all rational thought.The wine glass Dionysus drunk out of was able to cure any disease and to be "Life-giving". He was also able to motivate any worker into doing what they once though they could not. The persons who resisted Dionysos and refused to worship him were driven mad and committed self inflicting crimes.


God Dionysus
Deity of wine and vines 

Your mom was mortal

Cares for his vineyard
The twice-born Dionysus
Called the "eater of raw flesh"

With the eyes of Love.
Dionysus, God of Wine
Made them mad with love

Disease-curing glass
Parents are Zeus and Semele
Did Titans kill him?


God of intoxication and drunkenness, states he pursues frequently.


According to one myth, Dionysus is the son of the god Zeus and the mortal woman, Semele (daughter of Cadmus of Thebes). Semele is killed by Zeus' lightning bolts while Dionysus is still in her womb. Dionysus is rescued and undergoes a second birth from Zeus after developing in his thigh.

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