~Hades~ (:--BY: Morgan Fornea, Taylor Collins, Octavia Redd, and Sha'reef Rhodes(:

Hades is the son of Kronos and Rhea, which where the first of the Oylimpians. Hades had two brothers, Zeus and Posiden. Hades was known as several thungs such as The invisable one, or the unseen one. He was married to Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Although Zeus betrayed Persephone and Hades kidnapped his new wife. He was born on the island of Crete, along with his brothers. Hades now lives in the underworld. While many people tend to think of Hades as a place of punishment, the fact is that Greek mythology has a complete different application for the term. Hades is understood to be the greek god who eventually won the right to to be named the god of the underworld, and the chief caretaker of the adobe of the dead. According to the legends of the Greeks, Hades was not originally the ruler of the underworld. Ancient beings known as the Titans were in control of all known creation However, three brothers challenged their sovereign rule of all things. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades determined that they were to be the rightful rulers of the three main sections of all things, namely the underworld, the sky, and the sea. The three brothers engaged in war with the Titans, eventually defeating them. At this juncture, the victors chose to assume specific areas that each brother would oversee. Hades was the brother who chose the task of overseeing the underworld, and ruling over the spirits of those who had died and crossed over into the next life.

Special Talents:

Hades controlled the dead. He could raise the dead, stop death. He had the power to summon minions and ghosts, dissapear, crack the earth like butter, and make fire come out of earth. He turns invisible by putting on the hat of invisibility which the hundred handed ones made for him so he can sneak up on the next person to die, he also had the ability to conjure gold and diamonds and any other mineral he can also summon the dead . He had the power to transform and recover from deadly injuries. Hades had all sorts of powers and those powers prove why he is the God of the Underworld. Hades possesses the conventional physical attributes of an Olympian God, and like all Olympians he is an immortal God.


Hades was passionate over his wife, he was impulsive, favoring sudden, decisive actions. Can also be deceptive.


The story of Hades is one of love, passion, and Hades cunning ways. Hades was born on the island of Crete. Kronos and Demeter where his mother and father. Soon after he was born he was consumed by his father along with four of his other siblings. Zeus, Hades brother later poisoned Kronos. It made him vomit giving the children the chance to escape. Then together they sent the Titan gods from the heaven and locked them away in the pit of Tartaros. When the three brothers drew for the division of the cosmos, Hades received the most unwanted one of them all. The dark dismal realm of the underworld. Zues received the Heavens and Posiden received the seas. The kingdom of the dead was divided into two parts. At the bottom was Tartarus, this was a place of blackness where the wicked suffered eternal torments. Those who where imprisoned there were the Titans, who were guarded by giants with a hundred arms. The other region of the underworld was the Elysian Fields, it was a place where the souls of good and righteous people went after death. To reach the underworld the dead had to cross the river Styx. A man in a boat named Charon directed the dead across the river, while the monstrous Cerberus, a three headed dog with a serpent's tail, guarded the entrance to the underworld to prevent anyone from leaving. After ruling for a while Hades began to feel the urge that something was missing. A wife and he knew just who he wanted Persephone. Daughter of Zues and Demeter.Hades told Zues he admired his daughter and asked for her hand in marriage. Zues agreed but knew Demeter would never agree as well so Zues helped plan the kidnapping. So one day while Persephone was picking flowers she reached for a flower, and the earth opened up in front of her. Hades emerged in a chariot and grabbed Persephone. He carried her to the underworld. When Demeter discovered that her daughter was missing, she searched all over the lands, sea, and sky's, causing drought and devastation wherever she went. After finally learning what had happened, she threatened to starve all mortals as punishment to Zeus and the other gods. Fearing the consequences of Demeter's anger, Zeus told Hades that Persephone must be returned to her mother. Before letting her go, Hades gave Persephone a piece of fruit to eat. Persephone ate the fruit, what she did not realize was that anyone who ate food in the kingdom of the dead must remain there. Zeus butted in again and arranged for Persephone to spend part of every year with her mother and part with Hades. During the growing and harvest season, she could live on earth, but during the cold winter months she must return to Hades' kingdom and be there as queen of the underworld. Hades was a good man, even though he was the God of the underworld. Hades seemed to respect women and was willing to participate in a marriage ge of equals,he shared his decision-making powers with his wife and many other things as well.. The two of them functioned well as a team, and made a wonderful pair.

Multimedia Presentation:

POEM: For those who know his name he's mean and sneaky and not at all ashamed.He's the lord of the underworld and god of the the dead his name is Hades but we all know that.He's the enemy of all the gods isn't that a shame he's evil and nasty if you don't watch then he'll hurt you badly.To reach the underworld to reach the underworld cross the river of Styx and there you will find Hades. With all of the wrong that he has done during the years he hasn't have any deep dark fears. With his three headed dog standing proudly by his side no wonder Hades is the most scariest guy. Not at all a human but all the way a god you might say that Hades is a in between guy. His name means the hidden "The Hidden One" isn't that a shock but anyway he's not at all the greatest god and not at all the greatest lord but Hades is Hades and i guess that's enough. So now you know Hades all his mean and nasty ways but all I can do and all I can say is that you better watch your back because he's sneaky in every little way.


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