Use this page as a guide to create your page. You must have all of the sections included in the page setup section. Please pay attention to the font sizes and the content required in each section.


Your God or Goddess Name Here (Heading 1)

Background Information (Heading 2)

This section needs to contain thorough background information about the god or goddess. (parents? siblings? married? Where is he/she from? Where does he/she live?) This information should be typed in your own words and in complete sentences. (Normal)

Special Talents

This section should include special talents, skills, or traits (god of moon, strong, beautiful...) This section may be a bulleted list.


This section should include areas that cause trouble for the god or goddess. This section may be a bulleted list.


Retell a myth about your god or goddess. This must be in your own words, NOT copied and pasted or plagiarized.

Mulitmedia Presentation

The section should have some form of digital media embedded that gives information about your character. This may be an iMovie video, a PowerPoint embedded with slideshare, a glog (see video below), an animation, or another approved presentation format. The presentation should include text information as well as images and may include background music if you choose. The point is to creatively share what you have learned.


Create a poem or song about your god or goddess. This poem can be in any format, but must be at least ten lines long and include details about the god's or goddess's personality or events of his/her life.


You must have bibliography entries for all sources of information. Even if you are in charge of writing the poem, you will need to list the references you used to learn enough about your character to write the poem. Everyone should have a part in editing this section, adding references as you use them for whatever part of the project you are responsible. I suggest using a site such as citation machine or easy bib to generate your entries. A simple list of websites will not be sufficient, and I will not grade a webpage that does not have at least four references. Learning to accurately cite sources is an essential skill.


Everyone should research and add sources to the reference section.
1 to 2 members work on background paragraph and strength and weakness lists
1 member retell the myth
1 to 2 members work on multimedia project
1 member work on the poem.
Everyone should look over all members' work. Everyone should participate in ongoing discussion about progress on the page. I suggest posting daily updates on your page discussion board to let your other members know how your part is going.
I will be checking the page histories to verify your contributions to the page.
PLEASE NOTE: Two people cannot edit the page at the same time.


Using Glogster:


Introduction to Greek Mythology Notes