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Hera is the Greek goddess of marriage but before she got married, she was the goddess of mothers and children. Her symbol is the peacock because Hermes killed Argos who had 100 eyes and rescued Io for Zeus. Then she put the eyes into the peacock as a reward for him. She lives in Mt. Olympus. Her parents are Kronus and Rhea and she has five siblings: Zeus, Posidon, Hades, Demeter and Vesta. She married her younger brother Zeus, king of the gods and had six children, Deienira, Hebe (youth), Ares (war), Ilithyia (birth), Typhon (storm), and Hephaestus (fire, blacksmith). Hephaestus was born deformed and hunchbacked, so he is known as the lame god. Hera's roman name is Juno. Hera's enemy was Hercules but the worked things out after he said he would marry her daughter, Deianira.
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Hera's weakness is that she is jealous of Zeus's affairs with other women.
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Zeus had a lover named Io and he changed her into a black and white cow to hide her from Hera. Hera was suspicious so she sent Argos Penoptes to watch the cow so Zeus sent Hermes to kill Argos. That's how he received the name, Argeiphontes (murderer of Argos). Hera wouldn't leave this alone. She sent a god fly to constantly mess with the cow, not leaving it alone. Then Io was driven to the ends of the Earth (i.e. egypt) where she supposedly found peace. (The eyes of Argos are said to be seem in the tail of a peacock.
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Special Talents
  • Hera, a Greek goddess, was called the Queen of Heaven. Her name means the "Great Lady". June, a popular month for weddings, is named in her honor. It is believed because of her beautiful, large eyes, the cow, having big eyes, because a sacred animal.
  • Her husband, Zeus tricked her in to marrying him by turning

    himself into a wounded bird that she felt sorry for. When Hera loved on the bird, Zeus then turned himself back into his own form and he eventually married her. Zeus turned into a "playboy", which made Hera jealous and she tormented his mistresses and children.
  • Hera reminds us that there is light and dark in all of us and that joy and pain are in each of our lives confirming that by using our wisdom we can achieve any goal that we want.

Hera was an Olympian queen from the past.
With her crown of high, her beauty would last.
She was a goddess of women, marriage, and the sky.
Zeus, king of all gods, played tricks to catch her eye.
After the trickery of Zeus she would meet,
Hera became the wife she was to become.
Persecution of mistresses, she could not escape from.
The peacock was known to be her symbol
And, as for her legend, it would never dwindle.

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