Welcome to Our Class Greek Mythology Wiki!

Mrs. Croad's English I, 2011

Your Assignment:

  • You and your group members will collaborate online to create a body of research on your assigned figure.
  • You will communicate with group members using the discussion board for your page. Each group is responsible for volunteering or assigning group members' responsibilities.
  • The tentative due date for your completed page is Thursday, April 21
  • The help page will give detailed requirements for each section, and the discussion board for that page should be used to ask any questions.


  • You will participate in online discussion including identifying strengths of other participants, acting in a contributing role, and evaluating the effectiveness of participants' performances.
  • You will identify and use organizational features to locate relevant information for research projects using a variety of sources including electronic texts and any available print resources.
  • You will locate, analyze, and synthesize information from a variety of resources.
  • You will analyze the usefulness and accuracy of sources by determining their validity.
  • You will use word processing and other technology (wikispaces) to draft, revise, and publish various works, including research documents with bibliography lists.
  • You will give credit for borrowed information in research reports following acceptable use policy.
  • You will explore historical contexts in anticipation of reading Homer's Odyssey.


Please read the attached document for details about how to earn the best grade possible.